All About Baseball

This is basically a test of current baseball trivia

Question 1:Who was the last cy young winner at age 24, excluding Barry Zito?
Pedro Martinez
Roger Clemens
David Wells
Tim Hudson
Vida Blue
Question 2:What is the AL Record for longest winning streak and what year was it set?
20, in 2001
26, in 1941
20, in 2002
18, in 2000
21, in 2002
Question 3:Identify the player who does not belong.
Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter
Barry Bonds
Miguel Tejada
Nomar Garciaparra
Question 4:Which baseball family lost two of its most beloved members in 2002? (NOT 2001!!)
Question 5:Who was the winning pitcher of record in the 7th inning of Game 6 of the 2002 WS
Frankie Rodriguez
Russ Ortiz
Livan Hernandez
Jarrod Washburn
Jason Schmidt
Question 6:For which team does Jesse Foppert play?
SF Giants
Oakland A's
Seattle Mariners
Baltimore Orioles
Question 7:Who is the corporate sponsor of the San Diego Padres' new ballpark (not yet opened) ?
U.S. Cellular
Question 8:Who won the WS in 1997?
Anaheim Angels
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Minnesota Twins
Florida Marlins
New York Yankees
Question 9:What team did David Justice end his career with?
New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Oakland A's
Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks
Question 10:What wacky item was FIRST sold online for a lot of money?
Wad of Luiz Gonzales gum
Tim Hudson eyelashes
Barry Bonds' trash
David Eckstein's pasta recipe
Barry Zito's guitar pick

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