Simpsons Celebrity Guest Stars

From the superstars to the low profile, playing themselves or incognito, all sorts of celebrities have guest starred on the Simpsons. Can you remember who has?

Question 1:Which actress has not been on the Simpsons?
Renee Zellwiger
Marisa Tomei
Helen Hunt
Brooke Shields
Question 2:Which celebrity has not played one of Lisa's love interests?
Joshua Jackson
Frankie Muniz
Mandy Patinkin
Hugh Grant
Dustin Hoffman
Question 3:When Bart and Homer became father and son con artists, an fictional actor pretending to be a police officer arrested them. Who voiced the fictional actor?
Steve Buscemi
Kevin Spacey
Edward Norton
Tommy Lee Jones
Question 4:Who played Troy McClure's manager?
James Woods
Luke Perry
Tim Robbins
Jeff Goldblum
Question 5:Who played the toy maker that used Springfield Elementary students' ideas to make Funzo?
Woody Harrelson
Ben Stiller
Brendan Frazier
Tim Robbins
Question 6:Which rock artist hasn't had to deal with Homer?
Kid Rock and Joe C.
Smashing Pumpkins
Question 7:Which comedian didn't play himself on the show?
Jeanne Garafalo
Bob Newhart
Rodney Dangerfield
Johnny Carson
Question 8:Who played at Bart's first concert, only for it to end a riot?
Sonic Youth
Spinal Tap
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Question 9:Whose daughter did Reese Witherspoon play?
Reiner Wolfcastle
Krusty The Clown
Reverend Lovejoy
Mayor Quimby
Question 10:Who has never been on the Simpsons?
Britney Spears
Hugh Hefner
Harvey Firestein
Cindy Crawford

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