Which Barenaked Lady are you?

This is for fans of the band Barenaked Ladies. See who you're most like!

Question 1:What set of colours do you like best?
Black and White
Red, Orange, Brown
Shades of blue
Earthy tones (Brown, Green, Orange)
I like all the colours :)
Question 2:If somebody called you a name, how would you respond?
Ugh. People are so cruel
...I'd beat the shit out of the guy
Apologize, and offer to do many nice favours for them
Nothin'! I'd just let it roll
Call him/her a stupid-assed muthafucka!
Question 3:What phrase best describes you?
...Aw, FUCK!
"I had this huge hair..."
Hello. How are you?
"It was mostly mutual masturbation..."
"Chickety-China!!" Bok bok bok!
Question 4:What personality traits best describes you
Easy-going, funny, tattooed =P
Peaceful, Happy
Annoyed, Serious, Dark...now shut the hell up
The wild child, crazy, spunky!
forgiving, funny
Question 5:How is this test so far?
Wow, this is a nice test!
It's friggin' great!
WTF! Who is this band 'Barenaked Ladies' anyway?! Are they Canadian or something?
Cool...I like it :D
It's totally awesome man!
Question 6:If you had to choose one thing to take on a deserted island, what would it be?
My guitar
Some seeds to plant organic foods
I'd be sensible...Lots of water, of course!
My Maple Leafs jersey and a TV
Um...One of my friends
Question 7:Your mixed-CDs usually include songs with the general feel:
Classical Music
Whatever's on Top-40
Indie artists
Something magnificent(intellectual)
Something groovy
Question 8:What is the homepage for your browser?
Rolling Stone.com
Some page...not porn though...REALLY!
Browser...isn't that an "internet" word? The "Internet" doesn't exist!
Who gives a shit? Really, I'm serious.
A search engine
Question 9:What do you think about on a daily basis?
I'm usually on the living room floor doing Yoga...no thinking permitted!
The world, politics, stuff like that
Cool new words to cuss with
What I should give to my friends for a present
Whatever flows into my mind...I've never thought about that, actually...
Question 10:How dark are you?
Just a bit.
I'm not very dark, but I like dark humour :)
...what? oh sorry, I was just making the finishing touches on the voodoo--Oh! I'm not too dark...
Not very.
Kind of...

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