Ghosts I Have Been Quiz

Just how well do you know the book, Ghosts I Have Been? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:How does Blossom plan to scare Les, Alesander, Bub and Champ?
By telling the boys a scary story
By dressing up as a ghost
By shooting at them with rock salt
Question 2:What is the name of the girl Blossom rescues from Les Dawson?
Letty Shambaugh
Harriet Hochhuth
Maisie Markham
Question 3:What is the name of Miss Dabney's ghostly servant?
Question 4:What is the name of the boy Blossom meets on the Titanic?
Jake Poindexter
Jonathan Poindexter
Julian Poindexter
Question 5:What did Professor Regis steal from Miss Dabney?
Her electric car
Her diamond ring
Her father's watch
Question 6:What did Blossom bring back to Miss Spaulding's office from the Titanic?
A blanket
A lamp
Question 7:Who sent Blossom a letter from England?
King George
Queen Mary
Lady Beatrix
Question 8:Who accompanies Blossom to England?
Alexander and Madam Culp
Alexander and Miss Dabney
Miss Dabney and Madam Culp
Question 9:How does Blossom "improve" the wax display of Julian?
She rearranges Julian's luggage
She changes Julian's hair color
She pretends to be a part of the display
Question 10:Who does Miss Dabney get engaged to?
Professor Regis
Mr. Birdsall
Old Man Leverette

This Quiz has been designed by Kay.