What element are you?
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What element are you?

See what element you are! Perhaps wind or fire... maybe even water... Take it to find out!

Question 1:Do you hoard any sort of metallic objects?
They're nice to look at.
No. That's for nerds.
oh yeah... have no clue why...

Question 2:Has anyone told you that you have a temper?
About two times a day.
ohhh yeah...

Question 3:Do you like to play in the sun?
no no and no.
It's nice only for awhile. Too much sun is annoying.
Blissful times, those are...

Question 4:Which is better- water, air or earth?
Hate 'em.
I like them all.
Love the air. Hate the others.
Earth. I need a stable foundation to keep calm.

Question 5:Are you scared of the dark?
I couldn't care less if I hated it or not.
I love the dark! How can anyone not like it?

Question 6:Do you like fire very much?
oh god... get the freaken hydrant...
It's warm... I could care less...
What fun! I LOVE FIRE!!!

Question 7:What about thunderstorms?
Absolutely love them.
shelter, shelter must find shelter...
Neutral. A break from the ordinary.
Rain is fine, lightning is just terrifying.

Question 8:When you feel a cold, cold wind or see ice, what do you do?
Oh wow... cold. Big deal.
Let's go play!! I hope it snows...
I will not leave the house for a million bucks.

Question 9:Are you unpredictable and moody?
Never had a mood swing before... What's it like?
oh lord yes...
Not really...
A little bit, yes...

Question 10:What is the best season?
I could really care less...
Hate 'em all. I never leave the house unless forced or it's a school day.
All of them are so much fun!!!

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