Kurt Cobain Quiz

Do you think you know a lot about the details of Kurt Cobain's life? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:What date was Kurt Cobain born?
February 20, 1967
February 25, 1967
April 7, 1968
Question 2:Where was Kurt born?
Hoquaim, Washington
Aberdeen, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Question 3:How old was Kurt when his parents divorced, sending him into a permanent depression?
8 years old
5 years old
7 years old
Question 4:When did Kurt establish the band Nirvana?
Question 5:What year did Nirvana record their first album, Bleach?
Question 6:What became Nirvana's mostly highly acclaimed and recognizable song?
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Pennyroyal Tea
Question 7:When did Kurt marry Courtney Love?
February 1991
April 1991
February 1992
Question 8:What is Kurt's daughter named?
Francine Bean Cobain
Francie Bean Cobain
Frances Bean Cobain
Question 9:Why did Kurt name Frances, Frances 'Bean'?
He was high on heroin when they picked out the name
He thought her ultrasound picture looked like a little bean
He was a little weird
Question 10:What did his mother do for a living while Kurt was a kid?
She was a cocktail waitress
She was a stripper
She was unemployed
Question 11:What did his father do for a living while Kurt was a kid?
He was a Math teacher
He was unemployed
He was a mechanic
Question 12:Where did Kurt grow up as a kid?
Seattle, Washington
Hoquaim, Washington
Aberdeen, Washington
Question 13:Who was the final drummer for Nirvana?
Krist Novosolec
Kurt himself
Dave Grohl
Question 14:Where did Kurt attempt suicide? (But failed)
The US
Question 15:What health problem did Kurt suffer from?
Urinary problems
Muscle weakness
Stomach problems
Question 16:What date did Kurt Cobain die?
April 6, 1994
April 3, 1994
April 5, 1994
Question 17:How old was Frances Bean when Kurt died?
2 years old
8 months old
19 months old
Question 18:What color ink was the suicide note written in?
Question 19:How old was Kurt when he died?
26 years old
30 years old
27 years old
Question 20:What was Kurt Cobain's middle name?

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