How much do you know about Eminem?

Are you a true Eminem Fan? Find out!

Question 1:Where was Eminem born?
Detroit, Michigan
St. Joseph, Missouri
Boston. Ma
Question 2:When is Eminem's Birthday?
October 18, 1972
October 16, 1972
October 17, 1972
Question 3:What's Eminem's favorite drink?
Mountain Dew
Question 4:What's Eminem's brothers name?
Question 5:Complete the lyrics.."Slim Shady, brain dead like..?"
Greg Brady
Tim Brady
Jim Brady
Question 6:What was Eminem's first 4x platinum cd?
The Eminem Show
The Slim Shady LP
Question 7:Which Eminem album did D12 first appear on?
The Marshall Mathers LP
The Slim Shady LP
The Eminem Show
Question 8:In the Song, "My Dad's Gone Crazy", who does Eminem diss?
Ja Rule
R. Kelly
Question 9:Complete the lyric.."And you're gonna see this gangsta beat on himself..?"
I see you unvailed, you're a phony, the whole world can tell
I see you D12, and thanks but me need no help
You ain't makin no sales, Records smashin, trip him and fell
Question 10:Track number 5 on 'The Marshall Mathers LP' is..
Paul Rosenburg (skit)
Who Knew

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