How Well Do you Know Christina Aguilera?????

Take this quiz to see if you are Christina Aguilera's number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 1:What is Christina's most resent video?
Genie in a Bottle
Question 2:Who is Christina on tour with and what band is he from?
Joel Madden/ Good Charlotte
Nick Carter/ Backstreet Boys
Justin Timberlake/ Nsync
Question 3:What are her siblings names?
Cassandra and Anthony
Britney and Justin
Mandy and Carson
Rachel and Mikey
Question 4:What did she do at this years Mardi Gras?
sing/ dance
All the above
Question 5:When did Christina come out with her new look?
2003 American Music Awards
2003 Grammy Awards
2002 MTV Movie Awards
2002 MTV Video Music Awards
Question 6:What artist was she compared to back when she fist started?
Mandy Moore
Britney Spears
Samantha Mumba
Question 7:Finish The Lyric: "Put your hands on my waistline, want your skin up against mine,move my hips to the baseline.......
Let me get mine you get yours
Wanna get dirrty
Lets party
I’m a genie in a bottle
Question 8:What is the most personal song on Christina's new record "Stripped"?
none of these
"I'm OK"
Question 9:Who sing with Christina for the song "Lady Marmalade"?
Lil' Kim
Britney Spears
Mandy Moore
All of them
Question 10:I bet you’re happy this is the last question. Who Hasn't Christina performed with?
Fred Durst
Ricky Martin

This Quiz has been designed by Alicia.