What would you be on the X-files?

Well what would you we if you were on the x-files? An alien maybe, or an informant?

Question 1:What do people call you?
Curious and do-right
Question 2:What is the best part of the x-files?
When informants tell Mulder secret information
When Scully gets captured by an enemy
The whole investigation
When an alien appears
Question 3:What is your favourite color?
Question 4:What do you think of Mulder?
You want to be just like him
Kill him!
You want to be his friend
You like his alien theories
Question 5:If you were told of alien activities happening nearby, what would you do?
Tell everyone
Join in for the fun
Join in to harm people
Question 6:What is you personality like?
You are loyal to those you admire but like to spread rumours
Curious and Independent
You are a bit wacky with a bit of an imagination
Destructive and rebelious
Question 7:Is Skinner sexy?
I can't really say, I kind of respect him
No, kill him!
Everyone knows what I think of him
Question 8:What do you think of the aliens on the x-files?
I want to investigate them for myself
I know everything about them
If they harm the FBI agents, let them be
I want to be one
Question 9:What kind of movies do you enjoy?
Science Fiction
Question 10:What do you want to do to Agent Doggett?
Abduct him!
Kill him!
Talk to him!
Work with him!

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