The Freak Test

Are you wondering if you’re NOT normal? Did you ever consider that maybe you’re a freak? This test will reveal the answer to your questions.

Question 1:First of all, do YOU THINK you're a freak?
No, but I've been told I was a freak
Nah, I'm just taking this test for the fun of it
Most likely
Question 2:What do you think of the phrase, "I'll remember you in therapy!"
Something I say to my parents
Ha! It's funny!
It’s stupid!
Question 3:Do you WANT to be a freak?
I'm not sure
Question 4:Do you go outside?
Question 5:Are you on prescription medication for anxiety and/or depression?
No, but I’m on medication for something else
How’d you know?
No way!
Question 6:Do you ever find yourself laughing for no good reason?
I admit, I do sometimes
Why would I do that?
Oh yeah, all the time
Question 7:Were you ever sent to a mental institution or somewhere for people with problems?
Never have, never will
Yeah, and it was fun!
No, but you never know what the future will bring!
Question 8:Do you find annoying others amusing?
That’s stupid!
Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!
Sometimes, depends what kinda mood I’m in
Question 9:Do you find it funny when people dislike you?
No, I cry
Depends on who the person is
Question 10:Are you currently going to therapy?
I don't need therapy
Yeah, and it’s working
Yeah, but I just say “I’m okay!” for the fun of it

This Quiz has been designed by Shannon Marie.