Do you know music?

Do you more about the music industry then you think. Find out if you a music dud or stud by my quiz!!!!

Question 1:Who owns the rights to a majority of the Beatles songs?
Ringo Starr
Michael Jackson
Paul McCartney
Yoko Ono
Sony Music
Question 2:This new wave metal band broke out in 1994 with their self-titled album, their first hit was "blind".
Kid Rock
Alice in Chains
Limp Bizkit
Question 3:Which NWA member went on be be not only a successful rapper, but started in such movies as,"Friday" and "Ghosts of Mars"?
Dr. Dre
Ice Cube
M.C. Hammer
Question 4:Which rapper played a Miami police men along side Jim Carrey in, "Ace Ventura Pet Detective"?
Dr. Dre
MC Run
Tone Loc
LL cool J
Question 5:How many different Bassist's have the Red Hot Chili Peppers had since the band started?
they don't have a bassist.
Question 6:This band not only was one of the biggest bands of the 60's, but also was close friends with Charles Manson.
The Doors
Beach Boys
Mama's and the Papa's
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Birds
Question 7:Which "Saturday Night Live" cast member sang the 1985 song, "We Are The World" along side many many successful recording artists.
Eddie Murphy
Dan Ackroyd
Bill Murray
Chevy Chase
Dennis Miller
Question 8:Who shot and killed famous Soul Singer Marvin Gay?
His own son
His own father
His cousin
His wife
He was killed outside a rec. studio by a unknown person
Question 9:Who is the single most successful Female Recording Artist to date?
Britney Spears
Whitney Houston
Aretha Franklin
Question 10:In the movie, "American Psycho", which 80's singer was not discussed by Patrick Batemen?
Phil Collins
Whitney Houston
Huey Lewis and the News
Question 11:Which boy band to date is the gayest one?
Back Street Boys
All of the above
N' sync
New Kids on the Block
O Town
Question 12:What is Snoop Doggy Dogs real name?
Calvin Hobbs
Kevin Brotis
Calvin Broadus
His real name is Snoop Doggy Dog
Calvin Protus
Question 13:Which Rocker in the 70's won the gross-out war by eating his own poop?
Ozzy Osbourne
Alice Cooper
Frank Zappa
Robert Plant
David Lee Roth
Question 14:What famous rock star's son plays a rock star in the band "Steel Dragon" in the 2001 movie, "Rock Star"?
Jakob Dylan
Eddie Van Halen Jr.
Dweezil Zappa
Sean Lennon
John Bonham Jr.
Question 15:Which is not a new wave garage rock band?
The White Stripes
The Clap
The Hives

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