How much do you know about Harry Potter?

Lets see how smart you are when it comes to magic.

Question 1:Book 2: Who is Tom Riddle?
Dumboldores twin
Harry's grandfather
Hermione's dad
Question 2:Book 3: How did Snape get into the Shrieking Shack?
His wand
Harry left his invisibility cloak at the base of the whomping willow and Snape found it
His invisibility cloak
Dumboldor helped him
Question 3:Book 4: Why where the Quidditch players not having Quidditch this year?
Wood had left
The weather
Hagrid was growing a maze for the Twizard Tournament
A Tournament was taking place
Question 4:Book 1: How did Ron make Hermione cry?
By saying she had no friends cause she was a know it all
She was a nerd
She was in Slytherin
She was a mudblood
Question 5:Book 2: Who slipped Tom Riddles diary into Ginny's cauldron?
Professor Snape
Lucis Malfoy
Professor Flitwick
Question 6:Book 4: What took Harry and Cedric to the graveyard?
The Twizard Trophy
The old boot
The Goblet
Question 7:Book 1: When and Where did Ron meet Harry?
In Griffondor tower
Hogwarts train on the way to school
In Charms class
In the Great Hall
Question 8:Book 4: What is Fleur Delacoure?
A troll
A Giant
A animagus
A part Veela part Witch
Question 9:Book 4: What is Kakaroff first name?
Question 10:Book 4: Who is Sirius Black sent to at the end of the book?
The Weasleys
Madam Maxine
The Demontors
Prof. Lupin

This Quiz has been designed by Shana Bahic.