How Well Do You Know Your Ataris Lyrics?


Question 1:Angie, I'm sorry that you weren't right for me. I guess that it just wasn't meant to be. I quit pretending you were in love with me.
That Special Girl
On With The Show

Question 2:I was sick of being down So I gave it all away. 2000 miles from all I know. So much better off today.
The Hero Dies In This One
Ben Lee
How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Question 3:We'll listen to b-sides and sing along To anthems of the years gone by
My Hotel Year
Radio #2
Not A Worry In The World

Question 4:These are the things that make me free I feel like I'm stuck in "stand by me" This night was too good to be true.
The Radio Still Sucks
Road Signs And Rock Songs
San Dimas High School Football Rules

Question 5:Oh and what i wouldn't give Just to kiss your lips again To hold your hand next to my heart And wake up with you in our apartment.
The Boys Of Summer
Life Makes No Sense
Summer Wind Was Always Our Song

Question 6:If I had one wish this is what it would be... I'd ask you to spend all your time with me
Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits
Song For A Mix Tape
I Won't Spend Another Night Alone

Question 7:I went by the place where you and I wrote our names in wet cement and for a moment remembered how it felt to have no one understand that there's this dream and they're not part of it. how soon we do forget.
The Saddest Song
The Last Song I Will Ever Write About A Girl
Fast Times At Drop-Out High

Question 8:these arms remain stretched out to you maybe someday you'll accept them
Let It Burn
My Reply

Question 9:We live our lives to expect the worst But once it happens what is left?
If You Really Want To Hear About It...
My Hotel Year
All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know

Question 10:2000 miles between us and I guess that I'm the one to blame. relationships and heartaches, these two things are one and the same.
Looking Back On Today
Angry Nerd Rock
Bad Case Of Broken Heart

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