Do you know Monty Python like the back of your hand?

In this test, it will determine if you are a die hard fan or a cheesy albatross for Monty Python's Bloody Flying Circus

Question 1:Who sells Albatross at the local theatre?
Eric Idle
Terry Gilliam
John Cleese
Question 2:What is the name of the chocolate company that the police investigate?
Whizzo Chocolates
Crunchy Frog Inc.
Spring Surprise
Question 3:In the Holy Grail, who were the people that King Arthur met in the forest and what did they want?
The Knights Who Say ECKIECKIESHEBANGSHABOOMDABRONG and they wanted an old woman
The Knights Who Say NI and they wanted a shrubbery
some black knights who wanted nothing
Question 4:What song is sung at the end of Life of Brian?
Always look on the bright side of life
I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.k
they didn't sing anything
Question 5:There were 6 members of Monty Python until one died. Who was it?
Graham Chapman
Michael Palin
Terry Gilliam
Question 6:Who is the leading lady of Monty Python?
Carol Cleveland
Mrs. Idle
Connie Booth
Question 7:What were the old ladies called in Monty Python?
Old Bags
Question 8:Who was the crossdressing lumberjack?
Michael Palin
Terry Jones
Eric Idle
Question 9:Who were the two people in the Dead Parrot sketch?
Eric Idle/John Cleese
John Cleese/Michael Palin
Michael Palin/Eric Idle
Question 10:In the Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit sketch, what fruit was used for the lesson?
Question 11:Who did the animations for the television show?
Terry Gilliam
All of the guys contributed to the animation
Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin
Question 12:Who composed the t.v shows theme song?

This Quiz has been designed by Alan Rickmans Mistress.