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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Do you know about Harry's 2nd year at Howgwarts? Test here!

Question 1:Who sends Harry the improper use of magic letter?
Ms. Mafalda Hopkirk
Professor Minerva McGonnagal
Professor Albus Dumbledore
Mr. Arthur Weasley
Mrs. Arrabella Figg

Question 2:What type of charm did Harry use that got him into trouble with the Ministry of Magic?
Wingardeum Leviosa

Question 3:What color boil did Ron give Professor Flitwick when his wand was malfunctining?

Question 4:What did Harry compare Colin to?
A quiet reserved person
An overly friendly shadow
A talkative, loud, and annoying shadow
An over talkative shadow
A mouse

Question 5:What types of brooms did Fred and George own?
Cleansweep 5
Cleansweep 7
Nimbus 2000
Blue Comet

Question 6:What did some third years plaster all over the dungeons?
Rat Spliens
Frog Livers
Bird Eyes
Frog Brains
Frog Legs

Question 7:What did the students have to write a poem about for Professor Lockhart?
Wagga Wagga Werewolf
His Accomplishments
His defeat of the Yeti
How he saved the town from the werewolf
On his looks

Question 8:What type of quill does Professor Lockhart use for book signings?

Question 9:What was Hagrid buying down at Knocturn Alley?
Rooster Potion
Slug Growth
Flesh Eating Slug Repelant
Keep the Cabbages Growing
Eating Fresh Slug Repelant

Question 10:How many points did each Harry and Ron receive for saving the school?
50 points
300 points
200 points
100 points
175 points

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