What kind of person are you?

So, you've taken all these quizzes to determine your personality type, but none of them seem true. Well, this one goes deeper.

Question 1:You and some friends are at the mall, and this really funny looking guy/girl walks by, you...
Think and say nothing of it.
Snicker and make a rude/nasty comment to your friends about him/her.
You don't say anything, but you think something rude/nasty in your head.

Question 2:You're sitting alone, bored at your house on a Saturday night, you...
call some friends and see if they want to hand out. If not...well...whatever.
do your homework and clean your room, like any angle would.
sit outside on your lawn, and make rude loud comments to the people that walk by.

Question 3:You're at the mall and you see some people shop lifting, you...
Take notes on what they looked like, then call the police and the store owner.
ask if there is anything that you can do to help.

Question 4:What's your favourite colour?
Black...it's the only I can make.
Blue...it's sooo pretty!
The rainbow...I don't pick favourites, I love them all!

Question 5:If you were a waterfall, which one would you be?

Question 6:What kind of music do you usually listen to?
black/heavy metal
rock alternative...whatever

Question 7:dklghlsdfjkgl;h .l;kgf.,dfm;hg;lkhjsljk means....
Umm, I think you spelled something wrong!?
I gotta take a $***!!!!
I can't think of anything else to write.

Question 8:When you have to take a poop, do you...
announce it to the whole world, and tell all the details.
just say, I gotta poop and leave.
ask very politely to be excused.

Question 9:Do you make brownies...
Whenever anybody asks me to.
Hell yeah! But I don't share them.
Yeah, I make brownies, when I feel like it.

Question 10:If you are walking down the hall and you run into somebody, you say...
OH! Gosh, I'm soooo sorry! Are you ok? Is there anything I can do.......................
Oh! Sorry! My bad!

This Quiz has been designed by Tirtza Dibble.