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JROTC purity test
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JROTC purity test

Are you a rotc kid?

Question 1:Do you ditch other classes to go to the JROTC room?
Question 2:Have you worn or do you wear BDU's?
Question 3:Have you ever been to a shine party?
Question 4:Do you go to attention when the national anthem is being played?
Question 5:Do you consider JROTC your second family?
Question 6:Do you like JROTC better than your real family?
Question 7:Is JROTC your real family?
Question 8:Have you had other family members take JROTC?
Question 9:Do you think your SAI can do no wrong?
Question 10:Are you or have you been in more than one JROTC club at a time?
Question 11:Does your life revolve around JROTC?
Question 12:Have you ever been called a pickle?
Question 13:When some on says "hey, you in the green," do you turn around automatically?
Question 14:Are you in or have you ever been in band?
Question 15:Do you have violent thoughts about the football team?
Question 16:Have you ever eaten crushed up ramen noodles like chips?
Question 17:Will you eat just about anything?
Question 18:Have you ever exploded your MRE food heater on purpose?
Question 19:Do you own at least one bottle of brasso, one can of wax, or both?
Question 20:Have you ever accidentally set the rug on fire while polishing your combat boots?
Question 21:Do you know what drop down means?
Question 22:If you're a senior, have you ever or are you currently dating a freshman?
Question 23:Are you constantly surrounded by drama?
Question 24:Do you know the FM22-5, Cadet Creed, or at least 10 cadences by heart?
Question 25:Do you know how to hog tie someone?
Question 26:Have you ever been hog tied?
Question 27:Are you planning to enlist?
Question 28:Do you play paintball often?
Question 29:Do you prefer MRE's to most food?
Question 30:Do you know all the military recruiters at your school?

This Quiz has been designed by kit.