Yet Another Good Charlotte Quiz

Ok, this is another Good Charlotte Quiz (duh). Just answer the questions, you'll get it when you see them.

Question 1:The song _____________ is the only one on The Young And The Hopeless album with no actual lyrics.
A New Beginning
Question 2:What is Benji's birth name?
Benjamin Levi Madden
Benji Levi Madden
Benjamin Levi Combs
Question 3:What is Joel's birth name?
Joel Rueben Madden
Joel Ryan Madden
Joel Rueben Combs
Question 4:What is Billy's full name?
Billy Dean Martin
William George Martin
Billy George Martin
William Dean Martin
Question 5:Paul's full name?
Paul Anthony Thomas
Paul Thomas Anthony
Paul Anthony Thomas Jr.
Question 6:What is the correct first line of "The Motivation Proclamation"?
Benji's lazy, and he's crazy
Billy's lazy, and he's crazy
Joel is lazy, and he's crazy
Spend your lazy, endless crazy
Paul is lazy, and he's crazy
Question 7:"Walkin on streets in DC..." is a line from which song?
The Anthem
Let Me Go
East Coast Anthem
Question 8:How did Benji and Joel get Casdogg's name?
Because having a big dog uses up a lotta cash
Cassuis clay cuz he's a boxer
Because they paid for the dog in cash
Question 9:In Benji's tattoo of Jesus in a cemetery, what is the Lord holding?
A dog
A sheep
A boy
A girl
A cat
Question 10:Paul was expelled from highschool for what?
Threatening to punch his math teacher
Threatening to punch his english teacher
Threatening to punch his Phys Ed teacher
Threatening to punch the principal
Question 11:What video does Good Charlotte claim is "the worst video in Good Charlotte History"
The Motivation Proclamation
Festival Song
Little Things
The Anthem
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Question 12:The tattoos across Benji's fingers read what?
Made Man with a star on his right pinky
Made Man with a star on his left pinky
Made Men with a star on his left pinky
Made Men with a star on his right punky
Question 13:What color is Paul's hair in The Anthem video, The Young and the Hopeless video and the Girls & Boys video?
Black on the right, blonde on the left
Blonde in front, black in back
Black in front, blonde in back
Blonde on the right, black on the left
Question 14:The hidden track on their self-titled album is called what?
Thank You Dad
Thank You Mom
Hey Dad
Question 15:Joel and Benji's father ran out on them on Christmas eve of what year?
Question 16:Joel and Benji's sisters name is what? Their brother's name?
Marcella and Joey
Christie and Curtis
Helen and Johnathan
Sarah and Josh
Question 17:Who did Benji dress up as on Rock Star Day in grammar school?
Sid Vicious
Kurt Cobain
Mike D
Question 18:What does Joel drive? (it might have changed)
1983 Ford Mustang Convertible
1989 For Mustang Cobra
1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible
Question 19:Before Good Charlotte was Good Charlotte, what was the name of their band?
The Benji, Joel and Brian Band
The Joel, Benji and Brian Band
The Brian, Joel and Benji Band
The Brian, Benji, and Joel Band
Question 20:Good Charlotte does the theme song for which animated comedy?
Question 21:The line "Oh God, what did I do to deserve this?" is from which song?
Superman Can't Walk
Hey Dad
Question 22:The line "Hey dad, I'm writing to you..." is from which song?
Hey Dad
The Story of My Old Man
Question 23:Good Charlotte was named after what?
A children's book called "Charlotte's Web"
A member's cousin Charlotte
A children's book called "Good Charlotte"
Question 24:In February of 2003, Good Charlotte were on which show?
The Late Night Show With Jay Leno
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
The Late Night Show With David Letterman
Question 25:Who played drums for The Young And The Hopeless Album?
Travis Barker
Josh Freese
Jacob Masterton
Question 26:Good Charlotte's tour bus has __________ license plated.
New Jersey

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