How well do YOU know the matrix

Question 1:What is Thomas A. Anderson's job?
computer technician
computer hacker
computer software tester
computer programmer at a firm
Question 2:What is the unusual thing about Morpheuses ensemble?
he is wearing no shoes
he is naked
he is in all white
his sunglasses have no side pieces
Question 3:Which of these characters wears all white?
Question 4:The agents want Morpheus because he has...?
access codes to Zion
access codes to the Matrix
a hovercraft
an illegal machine
Question 5:How does Neo die?
beaten to death by an agent
shot by an agent
fell off a building
Question 6:Why must the Matrix be read in code?
the code breakers work for the construct
the code breakers work against the construct
the code breakers work for the oracle
the code breakers work for Zion
Question 7:How is the Matrix entered and exited?
through energy
through the brain
through machines
through phones
Question 8:Why was seeing a cat twice so important?
deja vu is a bad sign
deja vu means that Neo is not the one
deja vu happens when something in the Matrix is changed
deja vu can only happen out of the Matrix
Question 9:How did the crew escape the sealed in building?
through the bathroom walls and out of a sewer pipe
by breaking through the brick
they didn't
by using a phone to get out
Question 10:What did the oracle tell Neo?
he is the one
he will become the one
he could be the one if he tried
he is not the one

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