Are you a LADY'S MAN?

Test your knowledge of the things that every girl hopes guys know. This knowledge is valuable and girls really do appreciate this stuff!

Question 1:Who is Tom Burlinson?
A stunt man for Vin Diesel
A romantic poet
Jim Craig
A clothing designer who guarantees you'll look choice in his custom fitting designs.
Question 2:Have you ever seen the movie "Crybaby?"
No, sounds sappy.
Yes, it is a musical starring Johnny Depp.
Yes, it is a movie on Lifetime a lot, starring Tori Spelling and Rob Lowe.
No. Never heard of it, but I would watch it if she asked me to and I wouldn't complain.
Question 3:Who is the ONLY man who looks sexy when smoking? (That's right guys...unless you are one of these listed, it isn't attractive.)
Johnny Depp
James Dean
Brad Pitt
Christian Slater
Question 4:Who stars in the move, "Bed of Roses?"
Robert Downy Jr. and Mary Stewart Masterson
Christian Slater and Meg Ryan
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
Christian Slater and Mary Stewart Masterson
Question 5:Who stars in the movie "Benny and June?"
Johnny Depp and Mary Stewart Masterson
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith
Freddie Prinz Jr. and Julia Stiles
Frank Sinatra and Ginger Lewis
Question 6:"I kissed you in a style Clark Gable would have admired. I thought it classic." Who is Clarke Gable and where did this quote come from?
Clarke Gable is Sean Connery's dad. The quote came from a song by the Beach Boys because Clarke Gable was the first man to kiss a woman on the screen.
Clarke Gable was Rhett Butler and the quote is from a song by the Postal Service.
Clark Gable is a director of classic movies and the quote is from an interview with Heath Ledger about his role in "Four Feathers" and what he told Kate Hudson after their first kiss.
Clark Gable is a shoe designer who was notorious for his sexy shoes and the slogan "The right shoes make the right girl get the perfect kiss."
Question 7:When a girl says "I don't care," to you, what does it usually mean?
That she is mad at you and wants you to leave her alone
That she is either mad at you or she really doesn't care because she'll be happy spending time with you no matter what you wind up doing
That she really doesn't care and that she's easy to please
That she doesn't know what is going on and it's the easiest way to please you
Question 8:If you are in a restaurant, with a woman, on a date, and you run into a friend of yours and don't introduce her...what does that translate to her?
That you don't plan on keeping her around very long
That you don't have any manners and that you obviously aren't too interested in her
That you're a jerk
That you're smart enough to know that she doesn't care who he is
Question 9:Opening doors-a must?
Yes, for all people, not just the woman I'm shows respect for women in general, whether it is my mom or sister, or some smelly lady I don't know.
No, she can get her own door every now and then.
Just for my girl. Opening doors for other ladies makes it seem less special to the one I'm dating.
Riiight....who does that anymore?
Question 10:Worst thing to talk about when newly dating a girl?
Past relationships
Marriage and or sex

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