What's your element?

Take this quiz to find out which of the four main elements--fire, earth, air, or water--you are most connected to, regardless of your astrological sign. Remember that it's just a quiz, and might not be accurate. But it just may help you find something out about yourself, or just kill time. :)

Question 1:You like to think of yourself as--
kind and sensitive.
sensible and organized.
independent and clever.
adventurous and creative.
Question 2:Which of these careers would you most enjoy?
Fortune Teller
Question 3:Your dream house is--
really big with lots of windows
cozy with plush rugs and a waterbed
simple yet comfortable
brightly painted and filled with exotic trinkets
Question 4:You like--
going rock climbing or hiking
getting together with friends for a night on the town
watching a movie with a close friend or family member
meeting once a week at a familiar restaurant
Question 5:In your life you plan to--
marry someone special and settle down
be an entrepreneur
stay in touch with your family
travel the world
Question 6:When someone disses you, you react by--
laughing it off easily
challenging them to prove their point
holding back tears
leaving with your dignity intact
Question 7:You are annoyed by people who--
are dramatic and dependent on others
are constantly energetic and overeager
are always serious and down-to-earth
think very logically and technically
Question 8:Admit it...your worst qualities are--
being unimaginative or even dull
being irrational or over-emotional
being too extreme and sometimes unrealistic
being dishonest about your feelings
Question 9:What is your favorite time of day?
Early morning
Question 10:Your favorite movies are often--
Fantasy or science fiction
Interesting or thoughtful
Suspense thrillers

This Quiz has been designed by Mica.