The Ultimate "The Other Me" Quiz!!!!!

If you've seen the awesome movie "The Other Me" and loved it, this quiz is perfect for you! Test yourself to see how carefully you watched it! After you take the test, email me to discuss your score, how much you like "The Other Me" or just to say hi!!!!

Question 1:What are Will’s siblings’ names?
Mike and Carol
Chuckie and Scotty
Alex and Laurie
He has none
Question 2:What is Will's best friend's name?
Question 3:What school project causes the clone to come alive?
Author Study Project (English)
Science Project
Math Project
Social Studies Project
Question 4:What names does Will think about calling the clone?
Willie, Me2
The Better Will
Twoie, Other Me, Will 2
Smart Will
Question 5:What kind of food does Will’s mom love to make?
Junk food (she likes to copy McDonalds)
Healthy (and very disgusting) food
Question 6:What song did Twoie dance to in the cafeteria?
Oops I did it Again by Britney Spears
Twist and Shout by the Beatles
The Call by Backstreet Boys
Bringin' the Noise by N'Sync
Question 7:What do Twoie and Scotty bond about?
Being 'bad'
Not having fathers
Liking the same tv shows
A cute girl
Question 8:Who is after Will and his clone?
Lawyers who want to get the clone for money
Will's parents
Two inventors who are responsible for the clone
Question 9:How did Will and Alana explain Twoie to the police?
They explained that Will cloned himself.
They didn't explain anything; they just ran.
They called him Will's twin "Gil".
They called him their cousin "Gil".
Question 10:Who are the two people who move in with Will’s family at the end?
Scotty and Chuckie
What two people? No one moved in.
Grandpa Mordechai and 'Gil'

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