What kind of person are you?

Well, what are you waiting for. Take the quiz already!

Question 1:It's finally Summer Vacation. You are:
Crying. "School's over! I don't think I'll live!"
Joining the Summer Fitness Program at the local Gym
Planning how you're going to make your parents let you go to that rock concert next week
Eating all the ice cream you can before your little brother finds it.
Counting your cash, ready for your trip to the mall to buy that super-cute outfit

Question 2:What kind of music do you listen to?
Whatever you can work out to.
Linkin Park, Simple Plan, alt. rock, stuff like that
Classical, of course.
Britney, Christina, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, pop all the way!
Songs about food. Or songs that make you fall asleep. You know, relaxing music.

Question 3:You head to the mall. Where's the first place you check out?
All the clothes stores. And shoes, accessories, the list goes on..
I don't go shopping at the stores. I hang at the food court.
To the instrument shop, for that new tuba. Or maybe the bookstore, as you've heard they have lots of historical novels, and info books.
Music stores to find that great new CD you absolutely hav to have!
Sporting Goods Store.

Question 4:Your closet is full of:
Suspenders, checked shirts, ties (not rock star ties, but proper work ties)
Pink everything! And clothes with cute little animal prints, in pink obviously
Jerseys, Shorts, workout clothes.
Shirts with food pics on them.
Jeans, big sweaters. Whatever's comfortable.

Question 5:Your fave song?
Classical sorts of songs.
Oops I Did It Again- Britney Spears
Addicted-Simple Plan
Put A Smile On-McDonalds
The Good Old Hockey Game-Stompin Tom

Question 6:Your fave hobby:
Playing Air Guitar, or listening to cool music
Eating. And sleeping.
Studying, practicing on your tuba
Hanging at the mall, shopping for all the trendy stuff
Working out, playing sports, swimming, even a little walk in the park

Question 7:Your fave colour?
Sweats are best in grey, and hockey colours or whatever are all good
Plaid stuff
Yellow (bananas), ice cream colours

Question 8:When you're older, what are you going to name your kids?
Romeo and Juliet
Britney and Madonna
Shooter, Batter, and Goalie
Pierre and Chester
Orange, Chocolate, and Strawberry

Question 9:Who is your idol?
Some rock musician
Albert Einstein
Any pop princess who has all the guys in love with her
Micheal Jordan, Steve Nash, every great athlete in the world!

Question 10:Finally, what is your dream career?
Doctor, Scientist
A rock star
Famous Athlete!
A model, or just a superstar
A chef

This Quiz has been designed by Taryn.