How much do you know Harry Potter?

Take this test and find out how much you know of Harry Potter.

Question 1:What vault was the Sorcerer's Stone in?
Question 2:What sparks came out of Harrys wand in Ollivanders?
Red and Yellow
Red and Gold
Blue and White
Blue and Gold
Green and White
Question 3:What was the order of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers?
Moody, Lupin, Umbridge, Gildroy, Quirrel
Gildroy, Umbridge, Lupin, Quirrel, Moody
Lupin, Moody, Gildroy, Quirrel, Umbridge
Quirrel, Gildroey, Lupin, Moody, Umbridge
Umbridge, Lupin, Gildroym Quirrel, Moody
Question 4:Who gave Harry a detention with a evil quill?
Professor Umbridge
Professor Snape
Professor Lupin
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Trelawney
Question 5:What does Nearly Headless Nick want to be called?
Sr. Momsy Porpington
Sr. Mimsy Pompington
Sr. Mimsy Polinpigton
Sr. Mimsy Propington
Sr. Mimsy Porpington
Question 6:In the 5 book, what attacked Dudley and Harry?
1 dementor
2 dementors
a dementor
3 dementors
Question 7:What is Harry?
a Parsel-tongue
a Parsel-mouth
Question 8:Who was the first death eater to speak to Harry when he was holding the prophecy?
Lucius Malfoy
A man
Question 9:What does Lupin turn into?
a wolf
a lobster
a werewolf
Question 10:Who was the first Hogwarts student Harry talked to?
Ron Weasley
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Draco Malfoy
Mrs. Weasley
Question 11:What lives in the lake of Hogwarts?
a squid and merpeople
a squid
fish, a squid, and merpeople
Question 12:What was Professor Umbridge taken by in the forest while Hermione and Harry were taking her to "the weapon"?
The giant
Question 13:Who was in Detention with Harry in book 1?
Ron, Hermione, and Draco,
Draco, Harry, and Neville
Hermione, Draco, and Neville
Question 14:In Harrys detention in book 1, what were they looking for?
a dead unicorn
a bleeding unicorn
a injured unicorn
a unicorn
Question 15:When did Cho yell at Harry in book 5?
In the D.A class
At Hogsmeade
In Hogwarts
In a hallway

This Quiz has been designed by Torrie.