F1 Driver Love Match

Which F1 driver is your perfect match?

Question 1:Which appeals to you?
Laid back, fun-loving guys
Arrogant, stern guys
Aloof, mood swinging guys
Question 2:What activity do you like most?
Playstation, followed by a quick drive through the french countryside
Tennis, followed by a picnic in a park
Skiing, followed by a spa in a swiss chalet
Question 3:Nation?
South American
Australian, British
Question 4:Training regime?
Gym, Gym, Gym
Only if I have to
Cycling, Tennis, Gym
Question 5:Car?
Jaguar XJR
BMW 330
Question 6:Lifestyle?
Cold British mornings, holidays on the Great Barrier Reef.
Swiss crisp air, skiing in Italy.
Mediterranean Ocean views
Question 7:Income preferred?
Healthy, but with even healthier prospects
Very Healthy
Question 8:Which type of Body?
Tall, dark hair, chiseled features, handsome.
Fit, toned, crap fashion sense.
Podgy, great smile, latin features.
Question 9:Accent and speech?
Very fast, sometimes trails off into nothing.
Good english, a bit serious, very german.
Clear, concise, a bit of larrikin next door neighbour boy.
Question 10:Which Work Colours do you prefer?
Dark Green
Bright Red
White and navy Blue

This Quiz has been designed by Jim scully.