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Which anime girl are you?

Find out which anime girl you are by seeing which anime guy is perfect for you.

Question 1:Your perfect guy would be. . .
a prince
well, perfect.
a demon
a swordsman
a businessman

Question 2:What is the disposition of your guy like?
He’s soft spoken most of the time, unless you provoke him.
He’s kind and always ready to help you.
He’s cheerful, but can be serious when the situation calls for it.
He can be stand-offish but is usually thoughtful
Generally, he’s grumpy, but it’s all an act to hide his true feelings.

Question 3:You’ve just met under really odd circumstances. He starts out the acquaintance by. . .
saving you and preparing to be on his way.
trying to kill you for some reason.
asking for money for saving you.
smiling kindly.
giving you a lecture.

Question 4:You’re trying to decide what to have for dinner. He suggests. . .
whatever you would prefer.
anything as long as you aren’t cooking it.
anything you make. You cook so well, after all.
noodles. . .mmm. . .
whatever you would prefer.

Question 5:You are at an amusement park. The first thing he does is. . .
sniffs around to see what has possessed the mechanical monsters.
looks around a little suspiciously, but decides a roller coaster looks fun.
asks what you’d like to do.
defer to you. After all you’ve been here before and know what to do.
starts to set up his own booth to earn some extra money.

Question 6:You decide to go see him. To do so, you meet him. . .
at home. He lives really close, after all.
in the past.
in his world, where the Earth hangs in the sky.
in a fictional world where everyone adores you.
downtown. Maybe at the movies or something.

Question 7:When you are together, you are usually. . .
fighting demons.
trying to hide your feelings. You can only get hurt in the end.
yelling at him while he calmly takes it.
trying to save his world from destruction.

Question 8:He leans in to kiss you.
Kiss me? Ha! He’s to focused on other things.
You get spooked and push him away.
You turn away. Kissing isn’t allowed.
You shyly kiss him back.
You would definitely kiss him, but he would never try.

Question 9:Another guy is talking to you and he sees. His reaction is to. . .
get snippy and act like he doesn’t care.
feel dejected. He’ll never be worthy of you.
make sure the guy knows you are with him.
come join the conversation. Why not, he trusts you.
hide before you see him. He only wants you to be happy, even if it’s not with him.

Question 10:You know you’re going to see him, so you take extra care to look nice. He. . .
barely notices. After all, you always look nice.
doesn’t say anything for a moment. Just stares.
notices and compliments you like a friend would.
blushes and gives a sincere compliment.
grumbles something, like “you smell nice.”

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