Are you a Mac Geek?

This is pretty self-explanitory. Mac only questions for people like me!

Question 1:Do you know what the Apple logo looks like?
Question 2:Do you know how to type it on the keyboard?
Question 3:Are you currently using Safari?
Question 4:Do you understand the significance of Steve Jobs?
Question 5:Is Steve jobs a genius?
Question 6:Is he the greatest genius on Earth?
Question 7:Should he rule the world? (oh yes he should)
Question 8:Do you have an Apple T-shirt?
Question 9:Do you have multiple Apple Tees?
Question 10:Do you have a mouse pad which sports the Apple Logo? I do!
Question 11:Do you have an Apple bumper sticker on your car?
Question 12:Do you have the old rainbow Apple sticker on your car? Oh man, I'm not that old.
Question 13:In addition to the newer, white bumber sticker?
Question 14:Do you regularly use "Moof" as and exclamation?
Question 15:Is Claris your hero?
Question 16:Do you have any Claris tees?
Question 17:Do you have any other Claris stuff?
Question 18:Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
Question 19:Do you know what Aqua is?
Question 20:Can you name all of the flavors, gems, etc. of the iMacs?
Question 21:Do you hang out at the Apple Store?
Question 22:Did you go to the Apple Store when Jaguar came out?
Question 23:...and stay until midnight?
Question 24:...after getting there over an hour early?
Question 25:Can you name more than one location of the Apple Store?
Question 26:...more than five?
Question 27:...all of them?
Question 28:Have you ever made a Mac related online test?
Question 29:Was it better than mine?
Question 30:Did you scoff at my limited knowledge while taking this quiz?

This Quiz has been designed by Yumi-chan.