What color is your Aura?
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What color is your Aura?

Out of the 5 colors possible, which one best suits you?

Question 1:Out of the five flavours of ice creams which is your favorite?
Cotton Candy
Velvet Chocolate

Question 2:When performing onstage you...
It's alright, I like to do the best I can.
Part of the stage crew, you enjoy working with people.
Be the leading star!
On a stage?Me?Puhaha!
I'm too scared.I get nervous.

Question 3:On a Saturday, which would you do?
I could hang out at the mall...
Read a book, I like silence!
I don't know, whatever comes up I guess.
Work indoors.Arts and Crafts.
Go to a local home and help out seniors.

Question 4:Which school field trip would you rather go on?
How about...a themepark?
Anywhere is fine, as long as we have fun!
Field trips?I love them!
The local garden park.

Question 5:I am proud to be:
an American.

Question 6:Pick a celebrity...One you like best.
Reese Witherspoon.
Hilary Duff.
Courtney Love.
Kelly Clarkson.
Britney Spears.

Question 7:There is a fight going on!What do you do?
They'll figure it out!
Not my problem...
I stop it!
I'd call an officer.
Yell!.."COOL IT!"

Question 8:What kind of music do you listen too?
Rap and Hip Hop...go Nelly!
Punk...Good Charlotte!!
Classical...Beethoven rules!

Question 9:What do you love about yourself?
My carelessness!
Me...I love myself!
My independence.
My spirit!
My soul.

Question 10:How do you communicate with others?
My cellphone.
Through telephone!
Emails and AIM.

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