Have you lost your mind?

Thinking you have lost your mind? My guess is you probably have.

Question 1:When you think of cheese do you think?
Ahhhh the power of
Hmmmm good with brains
Stinky Nasty Kinda like my ex.
I love cheese
Question 2:Your idea of having fun is...
Running with sharp objects
Playing hide and go seek in your underwear
Stalking your neighbors
Skiiny Dipping with sharks
Question 3:When shopping for groceries do you tend to buy...
Corn and lots of it
All the basics bread, milk eggs, etc.
Hmmmm I only eat raw meat
Cereal I need something to eat while I watch cartoons.
Question 4:If you were a famous person who would you be?
Madonna Hey who wouldn't want to be her.
Mr.T Gotta like gold!!!
ALF Sweet, fuzzy and cute.
Bill Gates Show me the money
Question 5:Animals at the pound...
Awwww I want a puppy
Hmmmm Cheap dinner
I hate animals
Would this look good as a sweater?
Question 6:When daydreaming do you think of...
White Fluffy Bunnies
Chainsaws and meat cleavers
Who has the time
I daydream but can't tell you about what
Question 7:Your love life...
Perfect Happy couple
If you call the internet love
I hate my love life
Question 8:Your favorite season...
I never go outside
Winter Lets go sledding
Summer Baking in the sun WOO HOO
Spring Love is in the air
Fall Hmmmm Pumpkins
Question 9:At your job do you find yourself...
Working away like a busy bee
Polishing your guns
Work? What’s that
Hmmmm I go but I am just there for the money
Question 10:LIFE...
Love it!
I wanna Die
I wanna take someone elses
Good Cereal

This Quiz has been designed by Andrea.