How much do you know about Nancy Drew books?

Are you completely crazy about Nancy Drew books?

Question 1:Who was the first author of the Nancy Drew books?
Carolyn Keene
Franklin W. Dixon
Mildred A. Wirt Benson
Question 2:When was the first Nancy Drew book published?
Question 3:What is the color of the first Nancy Drew books (not the dustjacket)?
orange words on a blue background
black words on a yellow background
white words on a blue background
Question 4:What is NOT a form of Nancy Drew merchandise?
Nancy Drew diary
Nancy Drew magazine
Nancy Drew Halloween costume
Question 5:How many books are in the original Nancy Drew book series?
more than 200
Question 6:What is considered the ultimate Nancy Drew collecting guide?
Nancy Drew Extravaganza! by Jenn Kameha
Nancy Drew & Me by Mildred A. Wirt Benson
Farah's Guide by David Farah
Question 7:Have the Nancy Drew books every been revised?
Yes, and they only way to get the original format is by antiquing
Yes, but recently they have reissued them in original format
Question 8:Is the Nancy Drew series discontinued?
No, it's still going strong
Yes, when the original author died
No, but they're canceling it next month
Question 9:What is NOT a format of the Nancy Drew books?
Grosset & Dunlap teal picture covers
cameo edition
blue with no silhouette & white letters
Question 10:What is the best Nancy Drew website on the web? (Visit all of them!)

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