Which celebrity is your perfect date?

Which rough n' routy moviestar are you most like? Is he cultured, romantic, or funny?

Question 1:What color are his eyes?
Bright blue
Baby blue
Chocolate Brown
Deep brown
Question 2:What color is his real hair color?
Light brown
Light brown with a reddish tint
Almost black but a deep brown
Normal brown
Question 3:What's his best quality?
He can sing beautifully and Actor, Singer, Superhero, Broadway star, left-handed---What's not to like?
Is very kindhearted and tries to be himself and always adds humor
Very gentlemanly and kind and He's into art: poetry, jazz, speaks 3 languages, takes photos, paints, etc.
Is very sporty and can go sky diving, surfing, horseback riding, canoeing and archery
He has a sense of morality...he doesn't like being in big Hollywood movies and Support women's rights by *ahem* posing nude....sorta
Question 4:What's your favorite height for a guy?
Question 5:What's your favorite date?
January 13th
June 9th
October 12th
October 20th
March 31st
Question 6:What's in a name (his name)?
Land of Gold
Bright in mind and spirit
God is gracious; Merciful
A rock
Young Warrior
Question 7:How's your first date?
He takes you to the stars.....SKY DIVING!!!!
Stays at home with and recites love sonnets!
We go to a karoke bar and he sings me my favorite songs!
You walk in the park while he says some jokes and is more like a friend than a date
Going to a new club downtown and dancing the night away!
Question 8:Is he still single?
Married............and has a daughter
Sadly he's married.
Married with two kids.
No, he's divorced! Yippee!
Question 9:What's the weirdest thing about him?
He can sing.
He broke his back before and is a vegetarian
Plays in a band
He can do anything artsy
Left handed
Question 10:What would he say to the camera's?
I'm rather accident-prone, I have to admit. I've broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both my legs, my arm, my wrist, a finger and a toe and cracked my skull three times
There'll be a lot of drunken parties back home and people betting and that's usually what I'm at, so getting up there in a suit and talking for a little bit is kind of bizarre
Actually, I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now, that would be interesting.
You use your money to buy privacy because during most of your life you aren't allowed to be normal.
(Doesn't talk to the camera's *sigh*)

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