Which Lord of the Rings elf are you?

For all you elf lovers who need to find their Middle-Earth identity

Question 1:What is your big line so far in FOTR and TTT?
If you want him, come and claim him!
Luke, I am your Father!
Isildor! Cast The Ring into the flame!
This is no mere ranger, this is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and you owe him your allegiance.
I know what it is you saw, for it is also in my mind.
Question 2:What is your special trait?
I sound like I'm going to cough up a hairball when I breath me the name Darth Helmet.
Well, I'm over 3000 years old and I still look like I'm about 50.
I can see into the future with The Mirror ( well not always into the future. I see things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet xome to pass)
I can run on snow
I am in love with a mortal guy
Question 3:What is another name for you?
Darth Helmet
Lady of the Wood
Question 4:Where do you live?
Death Star
Rivendell, Lothlorien
Question 5:What's up with your love life?
married to Celeborn
in love with Aragorn *swoon*
was married to Celebrian
Married Queen Amidala
2,931 years old and still single...
Question 6:Weapon of choice?
light saber
Bow and Arrow
Elvish Spells
sword or bow
I don't fight
Question 7:What color is your hair?
I don't have any hair. My head looks like the surface of mars, except purple. And it also looks like purple pudding.
golden blonde
dark brown
Question 8:What race of elf are you?
Um, Death Star-ian
Question 9:How would your friend friends describe you?
Beautiful, down-to-earth, and clairvoyant
Soft-spoken, loyal, ageless and distant
fierce, adventurous, loving and brave
faithful, wise and, well, old.
evil, scheming, demanding and tyrannical.
Question 10:Who is your best friend?
Gandalf, sort of.
Gimli, surprisingly.
I don't have any friends. I strangled them all.
Celeborn, I guess

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