Sailor Moon Quiz

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Question 1:What is Sailor Moon's real name?
Usagi Tsukin'oh
Sabrina Tsukinoh
Usagi Tsukino
Sara Tsukinoh
Ginny Weasley
Question 2:Sailor Moon's team of female superheroines are known as the:
Sailor Scouts
Sailor Senshi
Sailor Shrivleballs
Sailor Scum
Sailor Moonies
Question 3:Sailor Moon takes place in:
Crossroads, Tokyo
London, England
Juuban, Tokyo
Los Angeles, California
Osaka, Japan
Question 4:Sailor Moon's cruel nickname that Rei often calls her:
Usagi (Meaning "bunny")
Hentai (Meaning "pervert")
Ecchi (Meaning "sicko")
Sailor Monkey
Baka (Meaning "idiot")
Question 5:Speaking of Rei, who is she?
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Mars
Question 6:Who is Chibi Chibi?
Sailor Chibi Moon's daughter
Galaxia's Star Seed in human form
Sailor Moon's daughter
The child form of Sailor Moon
Sailor Cosmos's Star Seed in human form
Question 7:What are the five seasons of Sailor Moon, in order?
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Super (S), Sailor Moon Super Star (SuperS), Sailor Stars, Sailor Moon Ultra (U)
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Return (R), Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Moon Super (S), Sailor Moon Super Super (SuperS)
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Return (R), Sailor Moon Super (S), Sailor Moon Super Super (SuperS), Sailor Stars
Question 8:Before Minako was Sailor Venus, who was she?
Sailor V
Sailor Moon
Sailor Galaxia
Princess Selenity
Princess V
Question 9:The love of Usagi's life:
Seiya Kou, a.k.a. Sailor Star Fighter
Taiki Kou, a.k.a. Sailor Star Maker
Darien Shields, a.k.a. Tuxedo Mask
Mamoru Chiba, a.k.a. Tuxedo Kamen
Question 10:Michiru and Haruka (Neptune and Uranus) are so close because they're:
best friends

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