How much do you know about the teen hearthrob BOW WOW?
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How much do you know about the teen hearthrob BOW WOW?

Calling all BOW WOW fans!!! Calling all BOW WOW fans!!! We all love him but how much do you know about him? Test your knowledge on BOW WOW by taking this quiz. For all fans or non fans that still have heard of BOW WOW and wants to know how much they really know. Good Luck!!!

Question 1:What is BOW WOW's real name?
Shad Gregory Moss Jr.
Shad Lamar Moss
Shad Gregory Moss

Question 2:BOW WOW was born:
October 9, 1990
September 1, 1982
March 9, 1987

Question 3:What state was BOW WOW born at?
Columbus, Ohio
Columbo, Ohio

Question 4:What is BOW WOW's mother name...what is BOW WOW's father name?
Kimberly Moss...Shad Moss
Nancy Caldwell...Shad Caldwell
Teresa Caldwell...Rodney Caldwell

Question 5:What age did BOW WOW start rapping?
Age 3
Age 12
Age 6

Question 6:What was the title of BOW WOW's first CD?
Beware of Dog

Question 7:Who's multi-platinum album, Doggystyle, did BOW WOW make a guest appearance on in 1993?
Dr. Dre
Snopp Dogg

Question 8:BOW WOW's single, Bounce With Me, appeared on what movie soundtrack?
Like Mike
Blue Streak
Big Momma's House

Question 9:In BOW WOW's music video, Puppy Love, who's little sister played as the "puppy love" of BOW WOW?
J Lo

Question 10:In BOW WOW's music video, Ghetto Girls, what group appeared in his video (hint: they weren't quite known at the time).
Destiny's Child

Question 11:How many tracks are there on BOW WOW's BEWARE OF DOG album...DOGGYBAG album?

Question 12:Who would BOW WOW consider his mentor?
Snoop Dogg

Question 13:True or False? BOW WOW did a remix to one of Jessica Simpson's songs.
I dunno

Question 14:How many tours have BOW WOW been in (as the main performance) so far?

Question 15:Who sang the happy birthday song for BOW WOW at his 16th birthday party?
Mario and Solange
B2K and Marques Houston
His mother and father

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