Are you a Kinky Partner?
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Are you a Kinky Partner?

When it comes to pleasure, do you know what to do?

Question 1:Have you ever purchased handcuffs with sex in mind?
Question 2:Have you ever participated in kinky sex?
Question 3:Have you ever had oral sex?
Question 4:Have you ever had sex in a barn or in hay?
Question 5:Have you ever used a whip during sexual activities?
Question 6:Do you enjoy foreplay?
Question 7:Are you a virgin?
Question 8:Do you prefer satin or lace?
Question 9:Do you own lingerie?
Question 10:Do you always wear panties?
Question 11:Would you allow a sexual partner to give you anal sex?
Question 12:Have you ever been spanked in a sexual way?
Question 13:Have you ever been naked at a partners house other than while having sex?
Question 14:Have you ever used food items in foreplay or during sexual activities? (Cool Whip, Ice Cream, caramel, chocolate, ect.)
Question 15:Do you often participate in sex?
Question 16:Do you have a steady relationship right now?
Question 17:Have you ever bite or "nibbled" on a partner?
Question 18:Have you ever had sex in more than one place within 24 hours?
Question 19:Would you ever allow someone to "bite" your genital area?
Question 20:Have you ever had sex with someone with people watching?

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