Girl Quiz

This quiz is for Girls Only! It's a personality test

Question 1:When looking for a lipgloss, what type do you prefer?
The way it makes you lips healthy
The shine
The color
Question 2:Your new boyfriend wants to take you on a date but can't decide. Where would you suggest?
To the local food court (everyone's there)
To your mom's house
To a romantic diner
Question 3:What is your favorite color group?
Blue, purple, green
Yellow, Red, Orange
Black, silver, white
Question 4:Who is the cutest movie star?
Benjamin Bratt
Bengi (from Good Charlotte)
Josh Hartnett
Question 5:If you had one day left to live what would you do?
Be with your friends
Writing letters to everyone who matters to you
Living life
Question 6:How do you smile?
With teeth
closed smile
Question 7:Who are the best people in your life?
Your boyfriend
Your friends
Your parents
Question 8:What shirts do you like?
Anything with your midrift showing
Jeans and t-shirts
Question 9:What color lipstick do you like
Question 10:Where would you like to go?
South America
Question 11:Your favorite animal?
Question 12:If you could choose one trait about a person what would it be?
His looks
His personality
How romantic he is
Question 13:What kind of music do you like?
Brittney Spears
Mandy Moore
Whitney Huston
Question 14:How do you present yourself when you flirt?
"Are you into flings or relationships?"
"Hi how are you doing?"
I don't flirt
Question 15:Do how do you sleep?
On your back
On your side
On your stomach

This Quiz has been designed by Jeannette.