Sorting Ceremony

*As the Sorting Hat is placed on your head, it asks you the following questions to be sorted into your House. Be honest, because the Sorting Hat can see right through you...*

Question 1:What is your favourite thing to do?
Go camping
Help your friends
Work out
Question 2:What is the ideal personality trait?
Question 3:Who is your favourite?
Professor Sprout
Professor Snape
Professor Flitwick
Professor McGonagall
Question 4:What do you do to spiders?
Scream and run away
Kill it
Let them live and continue
Sweep it into your book and fling it outside
Question 5:What would you do if you found a wallet with money in it?
Keep the money and destroy the I.D. so no one will know
Leave it there and keep reading
Seek whoever the I.D. matches
Turn it in to the Police
Question 6:What would you do if a bully was picking on a younger student a few feet away?
Help the bully
Get a Professor
Stand up to the bully
Keep reading
Question 7:What is the ideal superpower?
Super speed
Ability to fly
Question 8:What is your opinion of Hogwarts in relation to the other known Schools of Magic?
I prefer Durmstrang
I prefer Beuxbaton, more books
It's #1
I like it
Question 9:Which House would you least like to be placed in?
Question 10:If you were Headmaster, what is the first change you would make?
Why mess with perfection
More books
Make enrollment more selective
Make everyone in one House

This Quiz has been designed by Thomas.