Are you in danger of being Strawberry Shortcake?

Oh lordy! You don't wanna be a strawberry shortcake! She's evil, I say, and Dr. Atkins' worst enemy! So... are you in danger of becoming Strawberry Shortcake??

Question 1:Your favorite food is..
Apples... oranges.. stuff like that
Cake, Ice cream, cupcakes... I'm a junk food Junkie!
Question 2:Your favorite colour out of these three is..
Yellow or baby blue
Black. Just black.
Bright Red or Pink
Question 3:The Ideal home would be..
Something retro-casual
Who cares? Why do you want to know?
hehehehee Like the one in Hansel and Gretel!
Question 4:Your ideal pet would be...
A hamster
A dog to kill you...
A little Kitty!
Question 5:Your favorite time of day is..
The break of day
Night time
Lunch time!! O.o I get muffins!
Question 6:You are more...
Evil... simply evil... did I say I was evil??
Question 7:Your favorite flavour is..
Does the taste of blood count?
Strawberry or cherry
Question 8:Your favorite accessory is..
Just a pair of white canvas shoes
A black cloak and my prosthetic fangs
A frilly pink dress with an apron
Question 9:Have you ever actually watched the Strawberry Shortcake show?
Um... once or Twice.. but I was bored
Are you kidding? There is no f***** way I would ever do something sooo queer!
Geez! I watched it all the time! It was soo cute and funny!
Question 10:Last of all.. have you or do you owned/own a strawberry shortcake doll?
Yea ... but I sold it
No! I tore up my little sister's for a sacrifice act!
Yes! And I had all of her friends too! They left such a wonderful scent in my dresser!

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