What kind of guy is good for you?

Question 1:Would your idea of a good date be:
Heading to a club for some all night dancing
Sitting at home and watching a good movie
Going rollerskating and then to the local bar for a drink

Question 2:On your birthday, would you want you guy to:
Taking you to dinner and a movie
Take you shopping and/or give you money
Give you a rose and a card

Question 3:If you and your guy have a disagreement on an issue would you want him to:
Agree to disagree
Keep talking until the issue is solved
Just forget the whole thing and leave

Question 4:Your guy has plans for a nice evening at home, but you make plans to go out with your girlfriend, would he:
Go out with his friends, too
Say "o.k" and sit at home until you get in
Ask if he could go also

Question 5:You ask you guy to borrow some money until you get paid, does he:
Give it to you without having to pay him back
Ask you to get from someone else
Asks when you get paid

Question 6:You bought a new dress to wear to you guy's parents anniversary dinner, does he:
Comment on how nice it is and thank you
Tell you it's not that formal, but to wear it anyway
Ask where did you get the money to pay for it

Question 7:You are receiving an award from a local organization.You ask your guy to come but he to work, does he:
Leave work early and go
Call off work and go
Don't show up because hey, he needs the money

Question 8:You get a bad haircut and you are very upset about it, does you guy:
Say, "it's ok", because you hair will grow back
Get you a wig
Tell you that you make any hairstyle look good

Question 9:You lost you job due to downsizing in the company, does your guy:
Ask you to spend some of your freetime with him until you find another job
Go get you a newspaper and help you look for a job
Ask you what did you do to lose you job

Question 10:If you won the lottery would your guy:
Congratulate you and ask what your plans will be
Help you make plans for the future
Ask for a loan

This Quiz has been designed by Marie.