What stupid kids' TV show are you?

What stupid kids' TV show are you? Take this quiz to find out?

Question 1:You are at a party and you are helping to decide what to do as an activity. You choose...
to eat and eat
to go outside
to shave your heads
to play with dogs
To sing songs
Question 2:You have a choice of snacks. You choose...
peanut butter and jelly
anything except vegetables
wild berries
something healthy like carrots
Question 3:There is a thunderstorm. What do you decide to do while it's raining?
tell stories
get into a fight with your sibling and take him/her down
dress up
rap with little Richard
Question 4:You're going back to school shopping. You buy...
you already have everything in your pocket
I DON'T WANNA GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everything! We can't skimp on our education!
I’m just hungry
a notebook and crayons
Question 5:You have to buy a birthday present for your cousin. What do you buy?
a book
a truck
anything that you can do together
building blocks
Question 6:What's your morning routine?
Wake up and eat breakfast for two hours
Wake up and throw a tantrum
Wake up and go back to sleep
Wake up and start learning!
Wake up and talk to your neighbors
Question 7:You go out with your friends. Where do you go?
Their house
The zoo
the woods
The beach
Question 8:You're going to see a show. What movie do you want to see?
An educational film
Land Before Time
A puppet show
Cats and Dogs
Question 9:What's your favorite subject in school?
Everything! School is the best!
Question 10:It's the first day of school. You wear...
a princess costume
a bowtie
A suit and tie
I'd go in the buff
shorts and a T-shirt
Question 11:You are deciding what type of camp to go to. What type do you want?
summer school
a finger painting camp
just go to the beach
sports camp
don't bother! we can have adventures on our own

This Quiz has been designed by Tova G., Emily L., and Hannah G..