Spongebob Quiz

How well do you know Spongebob and friends? Beware: HARD!

Question 1:In Ripped Pants, when Spongebob pretends to be Squidward, what does he say when he answers the phone?
"Hi Spongebob. Be quiet! I'm being boring."
"Hello Spongebob. I'm trying to be boring, so please be quiet."
"Hello Spongebob. Could you keep it down? I'm trying to be boring."
I dunno.

Question 2:In SB-129, when Squidward is in the future, the calendar has a year on it. What year does it say?
200 B.C.
I dunno.

Question 3:In Wormy, what colors were Wormy's Best Friend Ribbon?
Pink and Green.
Yellow and Blue.
Pink and Yellow.
I dunno.
Orange and Purple.

Question 4:In Texas, when Spongebob and Patrick are making fun of Texas, what do they say?
SB: "Get along little doggie!" Pat: "Howdy y'all!"
SB: "Texas is dumb! Texas is dumb!" Pat: "I hate Texas! I hate Texas!"
SB: "Doi, howdy y'all!" Pat: "Get a dog little ongie, get a dog!"
I dunno.

Question 5:In The Graveyard Shift, the Kursty Krab has a neon sign on the roof that says "OPEN FOREVER" What colors were the sign?
Blue and Red.
Orange and Pink.
I dunno.
Green and Yelow.
Pink and Green.

Question 6:*EASY* In Something Smells, what is in Spongebob's sunday?
Ketchup, onions and a smelly peanut plant.
Ice Cream, bananas, cherries and fresh peanuts.
Tomatoes, garlic, and dirt.
I dunno.

Question 7:In Jellyfishing, when Spongebob and Patrick slide down the rope, how many times to they say 'ow' when they land?
I dunno.

Question 8:*EASY* In Dying For Pie, how much was the bomb-pie?
I dunno.

Question 9:In F.U.N., what colors were the letters (when Spongebob and Plankton were singing The Fun Song.)?
Green, Blue, and Pink.
Red, Green, and Yellow.
I dunno.
Red, Purple, and Yellow.

Question 10:In Club Spongebob, when Squidward gets into the clubhouse, how many times do Spongebob and Patrick say "Welcome to our club!"?
I dunno.

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