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Do you know as much about music as Matt?
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Do you know as much about music as Matt?

Well, DO you?

Question 1:Which song do the lyrics "friday night arrives without a suitcase, sunday morning's creeping like a nun, Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace, see how they run"?
You never give me your money
Norwegian Wood
She came in through the bathroom window
Lady Madonna

Question 2:Who is the man who owned Sun Records and first signed Elvis, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins?
Sam Orbison
Sam Phillips
Sam Sun
Sam Donaldson

Question 3:Which writer of the 60's hit "Locomotion" (Come on, Come on, Do the locomotion with me) went on to have a hit record of her own with songs like "Smackwater jack" and "I feel the earth move"?
Carole King
Rickie Lee Jones
Carly Simon
Joan Jett

Question 4:Which Jimi Hendrix song includes the lyrics "With your majestic and superior cackling hen- your pickle I do not understand"?
Are You Experienced?
Third Stone From The Sun
Manic Depression
Can You See Me?

Question 5:What is Elvis Presley's middle name?

Question 6:Eric Clapton wrote the classic "Layla" about which other rockstar's wife?
Mick Jagger
George Harrison
Brian Wilson
Paul Simon

Question 7:Mick Jagger was sentenced to spend three months in jail for this offense, but was bailed out by his lawyers for 5,000 pounds within 48 hours in 1967.
Possession of heroin
Soliciting a prostitute
Reckless endangerment while operating an automobile
Sexual Assault

Question 8:What is the name of the 60's folk band that had such hits as "For What It's Worth" and "Go and Say Goodbye" and also included Neil Young and Steven Stills who later went on to much larger successes?
Buffalo Springfield
Jefferson Airplane
The Monkees

Question 9:What, according to Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, is the saddest key of them all?
F major
D minor
G minor
A major

Question 10:Which great black Soul/Gospel singer was shot and killed in a nice hotel by the manager who thought he was a burglar because he was black in the 60's?
Chuck Berry
Otis Redding
Muddy Waters
Sam Cooke

Question 11:Which artist introduced the Beatles to marijuana in 1964?
Ravi Shankar
Keith Richards
Bob Marley
Snoop Dogg
Bob Dylan

Question 12:Neil Young often worked with which artist?
Steven Stills
Crazy Horse
All of them
Graham Nash

Question 13:Which artist sang "everybody's got a hungry heart"?
Jackson Browne
Tom Petty
Jimmy Buffet
Bruce Springsteen

Question 14:Which of the following artists was married to Carrie Fischer or "Princess Leia" as many know her by?
Eric Clapton
Paul Stanley
Paul Simon
Gene Simmons

Question 15:When Eric Clapton was young, which of the following happened?
He got a brand new Gibson on his 15th birthday
His father left
He was involved in a serious car accident
He graduated from art school

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