Can you say you know all the words to Good Charlotte songs?

You don't wanna spend all your time learning them and be weird, but you should know most of these easy ones from the songs I like.

Question 1:I'm just a minor threat so...
Pay no fine
Don't mind me
Pay no mind
Question 2:You could always just...
Run away from your troubles
Eat McDonalds
Run for mayor of DC
Question 3:Just tell me, that you need me....
And never leave me
And stay with me always
And stay right here with me
Question 4:Monday he woke up and...
Bought a knife
Left home
Hated life
Question 5:Not much to say in, most conversations,
But who but the villain, in this situation
But he gets away with everything
But he'll foot the bill in, all situations
Question 6:He dropped you off....
I followed you home
I went home
I followed him home
Question 7:Emergency...
She's gone again
Call 999
Call 911
Question 8:Cashdogg was barking...
Waited till dark and
Called up Mark and
Went to the park and
Question 9:And no one in this industry....
Understands what troubles me
Understands the life I lead
Understands what I had for tea
Question 10:The days....
You weren't there
I spent so
We struggled
Question 11:And all I've got...
Is you
Are these two dollars
Are these two hands
Question 12:You know...
The happiest day of my life
You're all I really want
I can't live without you
Question 13:And called you on the telephone to...
Apologise for what I've done
End this argument
Take off my disguise
Question 14:Said we're movin' on...
And we can leave this behind us
And we've got nothing to prove
and on and on and on ...

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