How Paige Versed Are You?

Think you know all there is to know about the newest member of the Halliwell family? If you think you have what it takes, then orb on over and try this quiz. Have fun!

Question 1:What is Paige's last name?
She doesn't have one
Question 2:What happened to Paige's adoptive parents when she was a teenager?
They died in a car crash
They got divorced
They disowned Paige
They got new jobs
Question 3:What is Paige's Occupation?
Dog walker
Social Worker
Bus driver
She doesn't have a job
Question 4:Where did Paige live before she moved in with her sisters?
A mansion across the street
An apartment across town
A two stroy house in Los Angeles
She lived with Glenn
Question 5:Where did Paige first meet her sisters?
The Namor
Prue's funeral
Question 6:Who did Paige accidentally switch bodies with?
Question 7:Who is Paige's longtime best friend?
Question 8:True or False? Paige has always had magic inside of her since birth?
She got her powers when she was three years old
She has no powers
Question 9:In "A Paige of the Past", when did Paige freeze up?
At P3
While she was helping her sisters and Cole save a woman and her husband from a burning car crash.
At work
At the Manor
In the car
Question 10:Why did Paige's hair turn red in "A Witch's Tail"?
She got it done a hair salon
Prue did it for her
A demon did it
A potion blew up in her face
Question 11:What did Paige call Grams when she first met her?
Mrs. Halliwell
Miss Halliwell
Question 12:What did Paige bring home from work for Piper and Leo in "Black As Cole"?
A spell
A mechanical baby
Question 13:Why did Paige quit her job as a Social Worker?
She wanted to concentrate on her magic
She wanted to get ready for Piper's baby
She wanted to date more often
She wanted to spend more time with her family
She didn't quit her job. She just took a break
Question 14:What part of Paige's name was given to Piper and Leo's newborn son?
Her middle name
Her first name
Her last name
Her nickname
No part of her name was given to Wyatt
Question 15:What is Paige to Wyatt along with aunt?
His Godmother
His magical teacher
His baby-sitter
Question 16:What did Paige get turned into in "Bite Me"?
A ghost
A vampire
A warlock
A fury
A wendigo
Question 17:Why did Paige blame herself for the car accident that killed her adoptive parents?
She suggested that they all go out
She planned family night
She was late when they came to pick her up
She was fighting with her father while he was trying to drive
Question 18:What did Paige do to the Book of Shadows that got Piper mad?
She rearranged it
She color-coded it
She stole it
She used it for personal gain
Question 19:What did Paige do to cause her breasts to grow in "Hell Hath No Fury"?
She tried to help Piper
She tried to help Phoebe
She used magic for personal gain
She tried to vanquish Cole
She tried to vanquish the Source
Question 20:What is Piper's nickname for Paige?
Witch Woman
Missy Paige

This Quiz has been designed by Paige.