Who were you in a past life?

This test is to see what kind of person you were in a past life. Well, why don't you take this and find out?

Question 1:Do you enjoy hard work?
Yes, I crave hard work and adventure
I don't need hard work, my gods help me achieve what I need to do
Only if God tells me to do hard work
No, I enjoy leisure
I don't enjoy it, but it's something I have to do

Question 2:Do you believe in God?
I love God and do his bidding
I believe in a higher power/ no, I don't believe in God
Yes, and He gets me through every hard day
I believe there are many gods, such as Anubis, Isis, and Ra
There is only one God, if you don't believe that, you are a pagan heathen

Question 3:Are you superstitious?
A bit, not much, though
Yes, I am really superstitious. AHH black cat!!!
Not at all!!
Only about certain things
My friends tell me to "chill out"

Question 4:What, of these, is your favorite color?
yellow or blue
tan, white, or orange
brown, or other earthy colors
purple or red

Question 5:Would you consider yourself "high maintenance"?
No, I do with the bare necessities, though I WOULD like more luxury
I only have what I need, little more
I am VERY high maintenance
I am not a materialistic person
Yes, I do

Question 6:What color is your hair?
Light brown, blonde, or red
I shave my head
I don't know, it's too dirty to tell
A strawberry blonde, or dirty blonde, or a medium brown
Dark brown or black

Question 7:Do you easily accept people of other cultures or religions?
I will appear to, and then I will betray them
Yes, very easily
It depends
No, I can't tolerate them

Question 8:What is your favorite hobby?
Golf, tennis, and other refined sports
Singing or dancing
Skiing, surfing, spelunking, etc.
Hockey, basketball, football, or soccer
Playing chess

Question 9:Do you like to sleep?
Yes, a lot
Sleep is good when you need it
I WISH I could be awake 24/7! I sleep as little as possible.
It's necessary to sleep, though, something I don't get enough of
zzzzz.....huh? w...what...? zzzz.....

Question 10:Are you interested in History?
The history of my country and its glory
The history of my ancestors, yes
Not enough time to worry about it
I LOVE history soo much!!
No, and I don't know much about it, either

This Quiz has been designed by Ellie.