LOTR character test!
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LOTR character test!

This is from a true fan... as such, I can make fun of it, and do so freely!!! See which character you are...elf, man, hobbit...or perhaps wizard? Who knows, you might even be a wraith. Have fun!

Question 1:On any given day, the thing you are most likely to say to yourself (and usually others, much to their annoyance):
I'm so pretty!
Wish I were King...
Wonder if Master wants a foot rub....
Love this hat!
This tiara is a bit much.

Question 2:When someone says "ring", you think:
Rhymes with "king".
Almost as pretty as me...
Must get rid of the blasted thing.
Then again, rings match the tiara...
Would Master think me desirable if I carried it?

Question 3:The thing(s) you like most is(are):
Being pretty!
Being King.
Large, pointy grey hats.

Question 4:Your look is something like this:
Short, fat, and hairy.
Having knots tied in your hair and a tiara on your head.
Tall, rugged, five-o'clock shadow...from days ago...
Tall and mysterious, usually seen with a large walking stick and tall, pointy hat.

Question 5:Your favorite veggie/veggie type thing(s) is(are):
Elven carrots....yeees....
Being pretty!
Pointy hats.
Anything sharp enough to shave with....or perhaps not.

Question 6:After walking across rough terrain for days on end, being chased by orcs, and being in danger of alive burial under snow atop an angry mountain, your main thought is:
This is HELL on my complexion!!!
Being king better be worth this...
Master looks quite attractive covered in dirt and snow.
Why am I a part of this quest now?!?
Should I tell them I turned down the plane tickets in order to get this snappy hat?...Perhaps not

Question 7:You've just been appointed Ring Bearer. Your first thought is:
Master will think I'm quite marvy in this ring....perhaps even attractive....
I think I'll stick to the tiara.
I am SUCH an autumn...good thing the Ring is gold.
Wish it were a crown...
With this large, pointy hat, I can wear anything and it'll still be the first thing they see!!!

Question 8:Someone gives you rock. You:
Turn it into a large, pointy hat.
Paint it pretty.
Glue it to a baseball cap (preferably an L.A. hockey cap) and claim you are king.
Give it to Master in the hopes he will find you generous...and hot.
Hold a council in your name to find someone else to take it.

Question 9:Your hair is usually:
Long, blond and pretty.
Short, curly and matted.
Long and black, with knots tied into the ends.
Long and white...under a big pointy hat!!!
Long, greasy, messy...wait, you mean the hair on my head, or on my face?

Question 10:Your main goal in life is:
To be the prettiest EVER.
To find a large WHITE pointy hat someday...
Marry Master.
Hold more councils in my name...makes me feel respected.

Question 11:You have suddenly become the most powerful person of your kind. Your first thought/action as such is:
Force Master to love me as I love him...and then some....
Finally!! I KNEW that I had to become king SOMEtime or another!!!
Now I can get that pointy white hat!
I feel pretty, oh so pretty...la la la la.....
Someone's slayed Galadriel? NICE! First place! First place!

Question 12:Your wardrobe consists mainly of:
Large, brown clothes, all oversized except for the pants...which always seem to be capri-cut.
Anything to bring out my good features....so basically anything to draws attention to anything on me.
Long grey gowns, large pointy hats.
Anything with a matching tiara.
Dirty, greasy, smelly things, normally ripped, torn, and soiled.....I am in such a need of Febreeze.

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