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Which Woman Of Avalon Are You?

Ever wonder which woman of King Arthur's court you're most like? The High Queen, Lady Gwenyfar? The Queen of Lothian, Lady Morgause? The Queen of Cornwall, Lady Morgaine? Or the Queen of Avalon, Viviane? Find out here!

Question 1:If someone were to ask you about your religious beliefs, you would answer:
You dare question the Lady!
Why, in our Lord and Savior, the Christ of course!
I am the Queen of Darkness, you petty underling!
I am Priestess-born, in service to the Goddess

Question 2:As a child, your biggest fear was:
big, open spaces
an unhappy marriage to an old man
that you truly WERE of fairy-blood
being unable to fulfill your destiny

Question 3:If someone were to inquire about your children, you would:
mention that you birthed (and gave to be fostered) Lancelet and Balan
change the subject; the less said about Gwydion, the better
burst into tears when confronted with your bareness
go on at length about Gareth and Gawaine

Question 4:Your relationship to Arthur is his:
eldest aunt
youngest aunt

Question 5:Among your paramours you count:
Ban of Less Britain
Accolon of North Wales, Lancelet and Kevin the Bard

Question 6:When people describe your beauty, they say:
small and dark, though intimidating
tall, flaming red hair
tall, fair, supple
small, dark, slight of frame

Question 7:Among the children you yourself fostered, you count

Question 8:When spinning, what happens to you?
I do NOT spin!
The Sight comes upon me
I get bored
I chatter with my ladies-in-waiting

Question 9:If you had kill to achieve your goals for Arthur's Britain, would you?
Would I? I have!!
Nothing is more important than Britain
I was told to never name the well from which I would not drink
Murder is a sin!!

Question 10:Who in your life has died who has meant the most to you?
Accolon & Raven
Elaine & Galahad
Lot & Gareth
Priscilla & Igraine

Question 11:How old were you when Uther Pendragon came to power?
I was a maid no more than fourteen
I was a child, no more than 4!
I think I was barely born
How rude of you to ask!!

Question 12:what did you do when you found out that Gwydion was Arthur's son?
I always knew. A mother knows.
Knew? I arranged Gwydion, from conception to birth!
I knew I had power over the King!
I made him go to the Bishop!!

Question 13:Has the Goddess vanished from Britain?
She will always be here, whether in the form of the Virgin Mother of Christ, or in our own temples, she is always here.
Goddess, shmoddess... no such creature
The Goddess lives in us all
Blasphemy! That vile fiend! The Christ should obliterate her!

Question 14:Who was the one love of your life?
Arthur and Lancelet
Accolon, and I will always love Arthur
I gave my life in service to the Goddess and Britain

Question 15:How did you die?
no one knows
I haven't... yet
Hmph! Rude, but I'll answer. My son's foster-brother slammed an axe into my head as I was talking to Arthur.
peacefully... in a convent in Glastonbury

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