Buffy and the Scooby gang

Will the Scoobies stump YOU?

Question 1:How did Giles kill Glory/Ben in season 5?
Suffocated Ben
Cut Glory's head off
Tore Ben's heart out
Question 2:In season 2, why did Kendra try to kill Buffy??
She saw her and Angel together and assumed she was a vamp
She hated her for being the first slayer
She didn’t
Question 3:What does Willow say to Giles when he reappears in 'Grave'?
'What are you doing here?'
'Uh-oh, daddy's home'
Question 4:Who transforms Giles into a demon in season 4?
Max Payne
Ethan Rayne
Question 5:What is Buffy's gift, according to the first slayer?
Question 6:What was the name of the insane robot that Joyce falls for in season 2?
Question 7:How does Buffy kill Angel at the end of season 2?
Stakes him
Stabs him with a sword
Pushes him into the sunlight
Question 8:Where do Buffy and Xander find the real Eve??
Dead in a motel room
Dead in her basement
Dead on her bathroom floor
Question 9:What does Spike think will happen when he sees Buffy with a large knife??
He thinks she’s come to kill him
He thinks she's the First
He thinks that he's hallucinating
Question 10:Why does Spike kidnap Xander and Willow?
To kill them
To play Scrabble with them
To get Dru to fall in love with him through a love spell
Question 11:What happens to bring Olaf into the human world?
Anya interrupts Willow during a spell
Xander brings him about
Dawn interrupts Tara during a spell
Question 12:Why does Willow reject Oz when he come back??
Because she's with Xander
Because she's with Tara
Because she doesn’t want him back
Because She's with Spike

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