What Kind of Girl are you? (Girls Only, Please...)

This is the what kind of girl are you test. It will tell you what kind of girl you are.

Question 1:You and your friends go to the mall, and you choose what store?
Hot Topic!!
Stores like Express, ect.
Store? I never leave my house!
Question 2:What kind of music do you like the best, out of these?
Easy Listening Soft Rock
Punk Ska Alt.
Pop Hip Hop R&B
Question 3:If you could have any pet out of these following, what would you choose?
A fish
A rat or some unusual animal like a platypus
No pets for me
Question 4:What describes a perfect friend?
Someone that'll buy me lots of stuff
Someone energetic, happy, and FUN
Someone that if I don't talk to her for a while, doesn't get mad at me or think im diss'n her
Question 5:What sport out of these to you is best?
Is TV a sport?
Riding in a car
Biking, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, ect.
Question 6:Out of these, which geometrical shape do you see yourself as.
A circle
A star
Geometrical? What language is that?
Question 7:If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go?
To the movies
Best Buy or Circuit City, to get a bigger TV
Question 8:How old do you think you'll live?
As long as I want
60, after that you start getting really wrinkly
Question 9:Which colors go best together out of the following?
neon green and black and silver
pink and purple
light blue and pale white
Question 10:Pick your favorite word out of the following!

This Quiz has been designed by KC.