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What makes you tick? What are you thinking? This test will not tell you, but it can tell if you are crazy or one of those strange sane people... find out!

Question 1:Do you really think that you are a normal, fully functioning, non-sociopath human being?
Of course, what do u take me for, some sort of degenerate?

Question 2:Can you draw a perfect circle?
If I try hard enough…
No way!
Do I look that artistic to you??
Does a pretty good oval count?

Question 3:What were you in a past life?
A ladybug
Someone who cleans elephants
The President of the United States
Not sure..

Question 4:What is “Troz”?
You’re like McHammer on crack Humpty
I have no legs, cha cha cha cha, just pets instead, cha cha cha cha
Troz = Scary People O.O
“Zort” backwards
What the….?

Question 5:What color is the sky?
Blue, as it should be.
Kinda dark and black, could be a storm.
It looks multi-colored to me…

Question 6:Do you hear voices/music?
No…why would I hear anything like that?
Oh! So that’s what that is?
Of course, isn’t that normal?
Wait, maybe…nah, I think it was just a car going by.

Question 7:Do you sleep less than 2 hours a night?
NO! I need my rest!!
Yeah, but I wish I could get more sleep.
Yeah, but my friends think that that’s weird.
Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?
What does this question have to do with anything?

Question 8:Do you see sparkles?
If that’s what you call those sparkling lights everywhere..
Only if I get hit in the head really hard.
Sparkles are pretty. =)
What kind of questions are these?!?!

Question 9:Are you a fish? Do you want to be a fish?
Yes. / Of course! Swimming is cool!! *glub glub*
Yes. / No, water is too wet for me. =(
I don't think so... / I don't think so...
No! / Why would I want to be a fish?
Can I have a pretty yellow straight jacket? =)

Question 10:(Ok, final question!) Do you like the Simpsons?
Of course?
What, do you think I'm crazy??
No, that show isn't funny.
What are Simpsons?
Pssst!!! WHATEVER!

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